June 19, 2021
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first_imgDear Editor:On April 18, 2018, Bruno Sammartino went to the great wrestling ring in the sky. Bruno Sammartino, “The Living Legend,” was a wrestling favorite throughout the local metropolitan area. His unique wrestling style – coupled with a sincere, humble charisma – has endeared him to many wrestling fans.Contrary to the silly, pretentious “soap opera story lines” – known as “kayfabe” – that are annoying prevalent throughout the “sport’s entertainment industry” of today, Bruno grappled during a time when wrestling was a “morality play” set to the “squared circle.” In these “plays” – these positive, life-affirming “lessons” that unfolded in the wrestling ring – no matter how bad it looked for the “hero,” the clean-wrestling “good guy” eventually triumphed over the cheating “bad guy” heel.I fondly remember Bruno wrestling at the Jersey City Armory on Montgomery Street. His shows always attracted a tremendous turn-out from a huge, widely-diverse fan base.Simply put: Everyone loved Bruno Sammartino.I, along with his legions of fans, hope that Bruno Sammartino wRESTles in peace. Respectfully yours,John Di Geniolast_img read more