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first_imgHOLCOMB MISSES MARK YET AGAINGregg Charges That Attacks In Holcomb’s New TV Ad Already Proven Falsewritten by Christina HaleINDIANAPOLIS –As Eric Holcomb struggles to put together a campaign, raise money and come up with any policy proposals, in his newest television spot he even struggles with the truth.“With no ideas or no vision to lead Indiana beyond the mess he helped create, Eric Holcomb is reverting to his old role as a party boss, attacking John Gregg with false claims and revised history,” said Tim Henderson, Gregg for Governor campaign manager. “This ad is another air ball from Eric Holcomb and reminds us that he’s just not prepared to serve as governor.”In the new television spot, ‘Best Yet to Come,’ Lt. Governor Holcomb charges John Gregg with poor fiscal management of the state when he served as Speaker of the Indiana House 14 years ago. These claims disregard the attacks of 9/11 and the economic turmoil they created, the fact that Republicans controlled the State Senate the entire time Gregg was Speaker and every bill that became law enjoyed bi-partisan support and John Gregg’s record of bi-partisan fiscal stewardship which garnered national recognition and praise.HOLCOMB FALSE ATTACK: ‘As Indiana House Speaker John Gregg helped turn a $2 billion surplus into a massive deficit.’FACT CHECKS:Ballotpedia’s Verbatim project called the attack charging a $1 billion deficit “misleading.”“In 1998, about a year-and-a-half after Gregg was elected Speaker of the House, Indiana was sitting on a $2 billion “combined reserves” surplus. Four years later, according to a March 2002 Deficit Management Plan, the state was facing a projected $1.2 billion operating deficit by the end of the 2001-2002 fiscal year—Gregg’s last full fiscal year as Speaker. However, this comparison is misleading. The claim juxtaposes an actual reserve “surplus” with a projected deficit. Instead of ending fiscal year 2002 with a $1.2 billion deficit, the state recorded a $534 million reserve balance.” [Ballotpedia “Verbatim,” 6/24/16]The Indianapolis Business Journal called a similar attack conducted earlier this year by the Republican Governor’s Association “pretty misleading.”“As for the content of the ad, Gregg did do some work for Enron through his law firm, but most lawmakers work in Indiana because the Legislature is part-time. But RGA’s attacks on Gregg’s fiscal record are pretty misleading. Through much of Gregg’s tenure as speaker, the state’s reserves were massive at 24 percent of state spending.” [Indianapolis Business Journal, 6/7/16]Gregg and then-Minority Leader Brian Bosma refused to pass tax restructuring without bipartisan support.“Finding the votes to raise some taxes, while lowering others, in an election year posed a major challenge. The House leadership — Democratic Speaker John Gregg and Republican Minority Leader Brian Bosma — announced that no tax package would pass their chamber unless it enjoyed bipartisan support.” [Governing Magazine, 2002]John Gregg won national award for shepherding bipartisan property tax relief plan through legislature.“The final product didn’t please anyone entirely, perhaps least of all Gregg and Bosma, who both voted “no.” But the pair was able to work together to pool what votes were needed to pass a bill that modernized a badly outmoded tax code. The two hugged emotionally when the vote was over. “I think John and I both realize,” Bosma says, “that while political position certainly plays a part in the legislative process, responsible adults have to bring the process to a responsible close for the benefit of those who are governed.”” [Governing Magazine, 2002]Gregg Supported A State Spending Cap.“Establishes a state spending cap. Establishes the rural development administration fund. Increases the riverboat admissions tax to $4 and the riverboat wagering tax rate to 22.5%.” (HB 1004)For more information on John Gregg, Christina Hale or their campaign, please visit www.greggforgovernor.com or call 317-510-1876.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more