May 29, 2021
  • 12:41 pm Government gets F grade for child poverty
  • 12:38 pm Pat The Cope concerned over future of IFI funding
  • 12:37 pm Raytheon 14 to argue their actions were justified
  • 12:33 pm 42% of urology patients waiting a year for Day Surgery at LUH
  • 12:32 pm Three Towns in Donegal to become Gaeltacht Service Areas

first_imgThree are dead and 29 injured after a Rovos Rail service derailed between Pretoria and Cape Town in South Africa yesterday, initial reports are citing failed brakes or a decoupling of carriages as the potential cause of derailment.The two women who were killed are believed to be employees of Rovos Rail, one of the women was pregnant and gave birth just before her death.  Unfortunately her newborn baby was also killed.Local reports say 29 of the 55 passengers and 30 staff on board were injured in the crash.  More than two-thirds of the passengers on board were American travellers, also on board were British, European and local tourists.The incident took place as the 19-carriage train was believed to have been changing to a steam locomotive, from an electric locomotive, at Centurion station.Investigations have begun into what caused the incident, with eyewitness reporting that they saw the carriages roll down the hill after the electric locomotive was removed but before the steam locomotive could be attached.“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people impacted by this accident,” said Donald Gips, U.S. Ambassador to South Africa.“We want to thank the South African emergency response and others who assisted immediately.” <a href=”” alt=”last_img” /> read more