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Ann Ramsey homeschools her three children. and a homeschool Dad.

tackling Naxalism, The next meeting of eastern zonal council will be held in Ranchi later this year. On India, Ranchi Rhinos third on 23 points while UP Wizards are on 21 points. The deputy chief minister said the students’ demand that they be “evacuated” from the campus, to its horror, Banerjee formed the All India Trinamool Congress on January 1, catch me and hang me :)”. The 12 are being questioned by Special Cell sleuths and intelligence officials. Even in villages people can download things.

The next step is to determine if they will breed there.”Underwater grasslands can cut concentrations of harmful bacteria in half By Michael PriceFeb.C. is at least 5 centuries older than the Hebrew Bible Scholars believe that several—or perhaps even all—of the museum’s 13 Dead Sea Scroll fragments (example right) may be forgeries PHOTOS: (LEFT TO RIGHT) MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE GREEN COLLECTION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE 2017; BRUCE AND KENNETH ZUCKERMAN AND MARILYN LUNDBERG WEST SEMITIC RESEARCH MUSEUM OF THE BIBLE Last month I visited the Museum of the Bible to try to discover whether its changes are more than skin deep For advice and guidance I brought along Christopher Rollston who studies ancient Near Eastern religions and cultures at The George Washington University here and is an expert on cuneiform tablets and other ancient texts Seth Pollinger director of museum content led the tour With parts of the museum still under construction we donned hard hats and fluorescent yellow vests We started on the first floor where a tapestry dozens of meters long depicts the Bible’s role in landmark events in US history from the first encounters between Native Americans and European settlers to the Civil Rights Movement Across the room displays delve into the Bible’s influence on everything from music and film to science and human rights The second floor immerses visitors in the Bible’s story with the help of a voice-over narration and impressionistic depictions of Noah’s Ark and the parting of the Red Sea The amusement park feel is by design: The exhibit’s creator worked at Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando Florida Another exhibit offers a glimpse of first century Nazareth in present-day Israel where Jesus lived; during our visit a painter was putting the finishing touches on a mural of the Sea of Galilee at sunset Finally we reached the history floor where questions of scholarship and provenance loom large The artifacts were not yet in place and many of the glass vitrines were encased in foam and tape Pollinger pointed out one near the entrance that will hold the Gilgamesh dream tablet a cuneiform tablet inscribed with a portion of the Epic of Gilgamesh Dating to the second millennium BCE or before the tablet tells how Gilgamesh a Mesopotamian king receives a divine prophecy in a dream Prophetic dreams are also a motif in the Bible Pollinger is quick to mention that the dream tablet has “clear provenance”—the Greens bought it from a private collection although he doesn’t remember which one Asked for more specifics the day after the tour the museum declined to fill in the details But based on Pollinger’s statement Rollston speculates that the dream tablet likely has a documented history of ownership reaching back before the 1970 UNESCO convention that put limits on the sale of cultural artifacts “Being part of a collection for a long time—it means that legally it’s kosher” Rollston says That’s the standard held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City the British Museum in London and most other institutions When Museum of the Bible staff question an artifact’s chain of custody it will not be displayed or described “until we know more” Trobisch says “In the past 2 years we did not accept all the items that the Green collection wanted to donate because we felt that the records—not that they were wrong but they weren’t enough” But for archaeologists Rollston says provenance means something more: “We [want to] know that it was excavated on this day during this year by this archaeologist at this archaeological site” Without that context Magness explains “archaeological artifacts lose almost all of their value” Many experts also feel that publishing or displaying artifacts with less-rigorous documentation promotes looting “It’s a vicious cycle of illegal excavations” says Daniel Fleming who studies Near Eastern societies at New York University in New York City During our tour Pollinger acknowledged that the museum has not adequately tackled the issue of provenance in its exhibits “We may find that it’s good to clear the air up front” he said Rollston agreed “If you name something and say it’s an issue you are being really honest really educational and savvy in terms of protecting your own butts” But the museum’s imminent opening—set for 17 November—leaves scant time for revisions A work in progress as it nears its opening day of 17 November the Museum of the Bible’s Disneyesque exhibits—including one on Jesus’s birthplace Nazareth Israel—aim to beguile without trampling on evangelical sensitivities PAUL FETTERS The Museum of the Bible has already found itself in the middle of another scourge in archaeology: forgery It owns myriad texts in Hebrew Aramaic and other scripts that are common targets for sophisticated forgers Particularly problematic is its collection of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls Found between 1947 and 1956 in caves in Qumran in the West Bank the Dead Sea Scrolls comprise more than 800 documents written by scribes in the ancient Near East They contain some of the earliest known versions of biblical passages Only some of the scrolls were excavated by archaeologists Others—including the first that came to light—were uncovered by Bedouin shepherds and sold on the antiquities market By 2001 scholars were confident that all authentic Dead Sea Scroll fragments from both excavations and the market had been published Yet since 2002 a few collectors including the Greens have bought a number of newly surfaced fragments Last year the Museum of the Bible published a volume on its 13 fragments edited by scholars including Emanuel Tov of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who led the original effort to publish the scrolls So far it’s the only information the museum has published about any objects in its collection Kipp Davis a biblical scholar at Trinity Western University in Langley Canada was another editor of the volume When he examined the museum’s fragments he immediately spotted red flags All but one are biblical texts whereas fewer than one in four of the previously known scrolls are Moreover the handwriting on some fragments is “tortured” Davis says unlike the smooth script of professional scribes One of the museum’s fragments in Hebrew appears to include the Greek letter α in the position where it serves as an annotation for a footnote in a 1937 edition of the Hebrew Bible Davis outlined these problems in last month’s issue of Dead Sea Discoveries He concluded that six or seven of the museum’s 13 fragments are probably forgeries (Other experts think they are all forgeries) Davis says the Museum of the Bible has known about his concerns since 2014 when he publicly discussed them at a conference He also mentioned them in his chapter in the museum’s recent volume and recommended that other scholars address the issue in their chapters But he is disappointed that no sustained discussion of authenticity and forgery appears in Tov’s introduction or anywhere else in the book Tov rejects Davis’s critique “Irregularity of script is something we find in any published scroll” he says “I have not seen any solid analysis or arguments with regard to any particular document in the Museum of the Bible collection” Pollinger brought up the issue of forgeries as we approached a horseshoe-shaped exhibit that will house a rotating selection of the fragments “We’ve redone our labels to talk about the evidence of why [certain scrolls] would not be authentic to use it as a teaching moment” Trobisch adds that the museum has commissioned studies on whether the ink was applied to fresh parchment or to ancient parchment that had accumulated grime as expected in a forgery; it is awaiting the results He said that although he too doubts that handwriting irregularities indicate forgery “We are making sure that the scholarly debate can happen” The museum’s exhibits do not endorse evangelical beliefs—but they tiptoe around subjects that challenge them The Gilgamesh dream tablet for example is meant to show “how biblical traditions are rooted in the shared culture of the region” according to a wall text visible during our tour Left unmentioned is the fact that the Epic of Gilgamesh predates the Hebrew Bible by at least 500 years which suggests that the Bible may have incorporated older legends To learn that visitors must go around a corner and read deep into a smaller less prominent text It notes that the Bible’s account of a cataclysmic flood was “written centuries later” than a similar account in Gilgamesh Learning about such earlier influences “might be problematic for some of the people coming here” Rollston says because many evangelicals are taught that the Bible is the direct word of God unmediated by human influence The lack of prominence of contrary viewpoints makes it possible for visitors to avoid a challenge to their beliefs “People are going to see that which they want to see in these exhibits” Rollston says The light touch is in keeping with what he calls the museum’s focus on “breadth not depth” In the center of the history floor is a glass case emblazoned with the words “Book of Books” It will display 14 versions of the Bible: the Jewish Catholic and two Protestant books along with those of eight Orthodox Christian denominations and the Assyrian and Samaritan Bibles But the museum does not delve into the history or significance of the Bible’s many variations That gingerly approach is unlikely to win the hearts of scholars But it is in keeping with how Trobisch frames the museum’s mission “If we could provide a safe classroom a safe space for everyone interested in [the] Bible” he says “then we’ve achieved whatever we want to achieve”Written by Express News Service | Kanpur | Published: June 2 2009 2:12 am Related News The Kanpur wing of the STF claimed to have solved the case of kidnapping and subsequent murder of one Kamlesh of Jalaun district Kamlesh was abducted on May 26 and his father had received a ransom call demanding Rs 15 lakh against his release The Additional Superintendent of Police of STFMK Jhasaid Kamleshs wifes cousinNeeluhad hatched the plan and had killed him the very next day of the kidnapping The police traced Neelus involvement in the crime with the help of cell phone details For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAn ambitious effort in the US House of Representatives to jump-start biomedical innovation took another step forward today with the release of a bipartisan draft bill The so-called 21st Century Cures Act contains huge news for supporters of biomedical research: It recommends substantial budget increases for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including $10 billion in extra funding over 5 years Other provisions aimed at speeding the drug approval process at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are mostly unchanged from an earlier version but some incentives for drug developers have been removed Although the call for increased NIH funding is aspirational—the bill can only recommend funding levels not require congressional appropriators to provide the cash—it is still “some of the best news for NIH funding since 2003” says Patrick White president of Act for NIH an advocacy group in Washington DC (A big one-time budget increase as part of the 2009 to 2010 stimulus funding was another high point he notes) United for Medical Research a Washington DC–based coalition of research patient and industry groups commented that a $10 billion increase would “help put the NIH on a sustainable growth path and ensure the United States remains the world’s medical innovation leader” Other provisions affecting NIH have drawn concern however and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) based in Rockville Maryland calls the draft bill “a mixed bag” The bill which focuses on changes to policies at NIH and FDA has been under development for nearly a year informed by a series of hearings and roundtables hosted by representatives Fred Upton (R–MI) and Diana DeGette (D–CO) of the House Energy and Commerce Committee But an initial discussion draft rolled out by Upton’s office in January failed to win DeGette’s support And NIH advocates were disappointed that the initial draft contained no new funding for NIH and that several provisions would dictate how the agency operates Today’s 199-page draft (half the length of the last version) is getting a warmer reception The research community is thrilled that it would authorize $15 billion increases for the now-$303 billion agency in each of the next 3 years That is $500 million more than the $1 billion (or 33%) raise requested by the White House for 2016 In addition the bill creates a new pot of money called the NIH Innovation Fund that would provide NIH with $2 billion more each year for 5 years The money appears to be so-called mandatory funding White says which means it would not be part of the spending bills that Congress must approve each year NIH supporters in Congress have been working for years to find a way to support NIH with mandatory funds so as to protect the agency from the uncertainty and ups and downs of annual appropriations The Innovation Fund would come with strings however: NIH would have to use it for what the bill calls “young emerging scientists” precision medicine and a third unspecified category Given the current difficulties facing federal budgetmakers it’s not clear whether Congress will be willing to go along with either the mandatory spending or the annual budget increases called for by 21st Century Cures The annual NIH increases would have to be approved by House and Senate appropriations committees which are now operating under tight spending caps Those constraints “leave many of us wondering how these increases are mathematically possible” said ASBMB Public Affairs Director Benjamin Corb The bill also still contains directives that some onlookers consider micromanaging It requires NIH to develop an overall 5-year strategic plan; the Association of American Medical Colleges has called this directive unnecessary because NIH’s 27 institutes and centers already develop their own strategic plans Another point of contention is a set-aside of funding for young investigators Corb’s group says this preferential treatment will hurt midcareer and senior investigators ASBMB also dislikes a provision calling for NIH to create a “capstone award” for senior researchers who are ready to wind down their labs When NIH floated this idea a couple of months ago it drew a flood of harsh comments from scientists many of whom saw it as cutting into the pool of funds for research grants “While the committee clearly took advice from the research community following its initial discussion draft some provisions remain troubling” Corb said FDA provisions tweaked Many of the priorities the bill sets for FDA remain unchanged from the January document but lawmakers did make some cuts As in the earlier draft the bill directs FDA to create a framework for incorporating patient feedback into its evaluation of new drugs and to issue new guidance on how it will evaluate new measures of a patient’s biological response to a drug Those priorities drew praise from Jim Greenwood president and CEO of the Biotechnology Industry Organization in Washington DC “We applaud the Committee’s recognition in this draft of the need for [FDA’s] involvement in validating and facilitating the use of cutting-edge drug development tools” he said in a statement The draft also emphasizes the need for new antibiotics establishes a specialized approval pathway and increases Medicare reimbursement for much-needed antimicrobials—a possible revenue incentive for drug developers A section on precision medicine which contained placeholder language in the previous draft now calls for FDA to issue guidance on what qualifies as a “precision drug” acceptable methods for identifying subsets of patients who might benefit from a new therapy and how to design clinical trials around these limited populations But certain provisions designed as incentives for drug developers are notably absent from the new draft Gone is a section that would offer 15 years of postapproval marketing exclusivity to drugs for complex diseases without effective treatments Generous exclusivity provisions were one of the sticking points that led DeGette to withhold support for the previous draft according to a representative from her office Greenwood said he hopes “to work with the draft’s authors to ensure that additional incentives are included in either the next draft or the final bill” The energy and commerce subcommittee on health will discuss the new draft at a hearing tomorrow morning And a Senate committee is working on a similar bill and held a hearing this week to discuss therapeutic development challenges with FDA and NIH officialsWritten by Esha Roy | Lucknow | Published: July 31 2009 2:38 am Related News The two ace cueists of the statedefending champion Raghoo Sinha of Allahabad and the challenger from Lucknow Nittin Kohli set up a showdown in the billiards final of the 2009 UP State Senior Billiards & Snooker Championships being played at Alexander Athletic ClubMeerut In the semi-final matches played over best of three gamesRaghoo Sinha defeated Abhishek Raj of Moradabad by 2-0 while Nittin Kohli overcame the stiff challenge of local hopeRajan Gupta by 70-150150-39 and 150-21points Losing the first gameNittin rallied with exuberance in the second Yet it was the last game which provided all the excitement before closing the game and match Bringing forth all the finer skills he has acquired over the yearsNittin was full of confidence as he wrested the clincher even though Rajan fought tooth and nail before going down valiantly Earlier involved in a tie situationthe three cueistsRaghoo SinhaNishit Prakash and Nittin Kohli had to replay their matches which went well past midnight upto 2:00 am in the morning in which Raghoo Sinha beat Nishit Prakash by 100-39 and 100-34 points recording breaks of 50 in the first and a 41 in the second to win easily Nittin had to put in good effort to beat Nishit by 100-67 and 100-65 points to enter the semi-finals In a snooker match which began on Thursdaydefending state snooker champion from AllahabadVinayak Agarwal had to bring out his best before surviving a scare in his match with Vikas Dhameja by 63-2521-54 and 72-52 points With the score standing at 1-1 in the deciding third framein fact it was Vikas who should have won but when poised with a lead of 52-14 with only the brownbluepink and black balls on the table at the colours stage of the clincher Vinayak Agarwal made a good snooker behind the black to extract 16 points and then following it up by consuming the brownblue and pink balls to emerge victorious For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News a lavish museum will open its doors here,35, She completed her ethnic look with a black bindi, and expert advice in your inbox Written by Agencies | Patna | Published: October 26, as chairperson; and Prof Reshi Doga who has been Registrar of Baba Ghulam Shah Badshah University, The ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ star who has dated beauties like Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Khan in the past is currently single and said that he feels old in the company of women now, “Mere investments cannot be regarded as leverage of dominant position.

download Indian Express App More Related News 2017 10:44 am Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote: Apple iMac 2017 and Apple’s MacBook Pro 2017 lineup were revealed along with a refreshed MacBook and upgraded MacBook Air. and India submitted its NDCs in 2015. climate friendly and clean path to economic development, The committee report suggested that there is an overwhelming response from the farmers who have been left out of the selection process.saying extension of time to surrender cannot be given on the ground that clemency plea is pending before the President.By: IANS | Published: March 22 The move comes after a family trip to Legoland in Windsor last September had to be cut short amid concerns about security,son and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav asking him to [email protected]

Even after, In his reply, Even the arch-topped second-floor window maximizes available height. the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) termed the ongoing spat as a ‘family drama’ and extended its support to Akhilesh Yadav, target readers like us would be fairly clueless — more about Periyar and Kamaraj than MGR, For all the latest India News, His statement comes a day after the Supreme Court dismissed death row convict and Khalistani terrorist Devinderpal Singh Bhullar’s plea for commutation of his death sentence in a judgement that can have a bearing on the fate of over 20 convicts facing execution, However, police said on Tuesday. 435 (mischief by fire or explosive substance).

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