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first_imgTheir wishes were granted as moe. returned for the beloved “al.nouncements” segment of the show, before launching into a surprisingly involved “Brent Black.” The one two bunch of Schnier sharing stories of the love fans have for the band and their willingness to go the extra mile for an encore tells the tale completely. Midway through the song the band cleared the stage for the tune’s drums and percussion break. Drummer Vinnie Amico seemed to grow tired of his own kit and scampered over to join Loughlin in his little world of percussive toys for a fierce and rare side by side jam.Loughlin decided to abandon his post to Amico and quickly took up residence on the vacated drum kit. When Derhak returned to the stage his mock double take at the switch was worthy of the finest in SYFY Channel acting. Fortunately for him, his true talents lay elsewhere as his string slapping, bass body bending solo clearly showed. Rallying the crowd with his theatrics the cheers for the returning guitarists grew deafening and the final echoes were lost in the cacophonous thanks the fans showered upon the five guys who had just thoroughly rocked their world. For moe. it was time to pack up and head to the next stop but for the clearly spent audience it was time to rebuild their shattered minds and wait eagerly for their dose of New York’s finest.Setlist: moe. | The Plaza Live | Orlando, FL | 1/27/2017Set One: Runaway Overlude > She > Bring It Back Home, Paper Dragon > So Long, Deep This Time > 32 ThingsSet Two: Chromatic Nightmare, Tubing The River Styx > The Pit > It > Waiting For The Punchline, Haze > Wicked Awesome, Recreational ChemistryEncore: Brent Blackmoe. continues their tour tomorrow night, January 31st, with a performance in Knoxville, TN. They’ll also be playing throughout the Northeast this weekend, and have dates scheduled across the country throughout the year. They’ll also return to Summer Camp in May, and have announced the return of moe.down over July 4th weekend. You can find more information here. moe. returned to America’s shores from their Jam Cruise adventure to find the country in a far different place than when they sailed away. Their departure took place as the new president was being inaugurated and what was, by any metric, a crazy weekend in the nation on many levels. Though the five members all hold similar political beliefs, they have refrained from using the stage for making speeches, preferring to let their music do the talking. Tunes like “Not Coming Down” have voiced their displeasure with the policies of previous administrations, and it is a safe bet we will be getting more similarly inspired songs in the coming years from the band. After absorbing the events they missed while away at sea they decided to go one step further and let the entire set list do the talking.Now that the phrase “Alternative Facts” has entered the lexicon, it was clear where the inspiration for the first show’s opener, “Faker,” came from. The song features a droning build that unleashes into a blind, raging fury that seems to eerily mirror the marches and protests spring up around the country. The distortion laden guitar onslaught between Chuck Garvey and Al Schnier was a welcome release for the musical and mental tension in the audience and the cheers that followed the crescendos were well earned.Garvey’s “Bullet” and its theme of inescapable truth followed with a shot to the heart of the matter, begging listeners to face the facts before they lose the power to save themselves. At first the next tune, “Kyle’s Song,” seemed to break the political thread, until you realize the topic of the piece, a friend of the band who was involved in an accident in Washington, DC and was laid up in the hospital recovering from his injuries for an extended period afterwards. Though there was no commentary from the band to reinforce the growing suspicion of the savvy fans in the audience, moe. launched into “Captain America,” one of their most beloved tunes.The sing song wordplay of “Captain America” hides a darker polemic about blind devotion and the dangers of following leaders based on charisma and not character. The traditional drum and percussion breakdown ending the song dissolved into the loudly welcomed opening strains of “Mexico.” As meta messages buried into setlists go, one can only imagine the band debating a tease from Pink Floyd‘s The Wall between the two songs to really hammer in their point. The Schnier heavy track and its tale of using Mexico as the destination for a bit of birthday debauchery and the trouble that resulted seemed to perfectly sum up the fears of many Americans, all without any off putting on mic testimonials.Launching their second set with the spiraling madness of “Seat Of My Pants” instantly let fans know moe. weren’t done making a musical “State Of The Union ” address to their fans. “S.O.M.P” has a increasing momentum to in as if gravity has taken hold of the very notes being played and the whip cracking twists and turns twisted acrobatically into the bass slapping intro to “Not Coming Down.” Resident master of the bottom end Rob Derhak tore into his bass with a thump popping, body bending barrage that left the audience flabbergasted.Finally letting the tempo fade, “Wormwood” flowed nicely and dreamily segued  into “Water.” Again, though the song has a very liquid rise and fall, the lyrics ask a very pertinent question: “How far are you willing to go to protect your resources?” Nearing the end of the evening and the venue’s hard 11 pm curfew it was time to the point. Dispelling any doubts as to whether the theme of the evening was merely coincidence, moe. closed the night with a pair of songs that perfectly encapsulate the worry about our national direction with “Bring You Down” giving way to a earth shaking “Plane Crash.”The sky high echoing notes that signal the intro of “Plane Crash” sent chills down the spines of long time fans and first time dabblers alike. The wise realization of the usefulness of fear and the core human feeling at the heart of all of this anxiety,”I don’t want to die!” rang truer than usual.  Between the aforementioned political strife and another matter closer to home, the band and the audience came together as one. Crashing drums and windmill guitar playing swirled together while Derhak repeated his defiant hope for life. Unfortunately for the music world, there was one last sad note left to be sounded.Returning to the stage to uproarious cheers Derhak took the microphone to speak to the recent untimely passing of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks. He joked of blowing off learning the Allman Brothers’ classic “Whipping Post” before a rehearsal with Trucks, and being called out for his misstep. He apparently went on to redeem himself in Trucks eyes, and closed his remembrance by dedicating the final tune of the night to his honor, a bluesy rendition of “Southbound” that showed Garvey’s slide skills and the moe.’s musical versatility to full extent.Check out moe. ripping up the stage on “Southbound” below:Though they clearly had more to say the stern looks from neighbors through the surrounding buildings spoke as loudly as the stacks of speakers so it was goodnight to the crowd and time to recover from a very intense homecoming.Setlist: moe. | Jannus Live | St. Petersburg, FL | 1/26/2017Set One: Faker > Bullet > Kyle’s Song, Captain America >MexicoSet Two: Seat Of My Pants > Not Coming Down > Wormwood > Water > Bring You Down, Plane CrashEncore: SouthboundAfter purging themselves of their political angst the previous evening, moe. was clearly in the mood to kick out the jams when they arrived in Orlando for their show at The Plaza Live. A very short drive and a cathartic night of tension release behind them moe. was poised to launch a sonic assault on the audience that was sure to be well received by their early arriving and eager crowd. Percussionist Jim Loughlin got some much needed time at the forefront with some stellar vibe work on show opening “Runaway Overlude.” His growth over the years has found him more integral as moe. wisely finds plenty of ways to capitalize on his versatility both in general and on this night in particular.One of moe.’s infamous musical jigsaw puzzles, “She,” followed and reminded the audience of moe’s consummate ability to run their guitar and bass lines like the old time basketball offense known as the “Five Man Weave.” Taking over twenty minutes to explore and stretch gave the band plenty of opportunities to get fingers limber and fans slack jawed before bouncing into the joyfulness of “Bring It Back Home.” “Paper Dragon” came in as dark and foreboding as its namesake, with the the back and forth of tone continually set up and paid off the energy being built, with every one of the five finding a chance to shine.Averaging around fifteen minutes per song in the first set, moe. was obviously ready to have themselves some fun. By the time they got to their set closer, a 13 minute “32 Things,” all bets seemed to be off as they showed exactly what decades of playing together can do.  Fans were treated to some of the finest interplay and nigh telepathic musical communication that can be witnessed on any stage right now. Often getting lost in their own worlds when on their most intricate runs the band seemed to operate on a closed but shared system that let each support and lead the jams almost simultaneously. The shouts of approval and demands for more were met with the announcement of set break and a much needed recharge for the spent players.Loughlin continued his set opening heroics with his signature “Chromatic Nightmare” and the carnival atmosphere it brings was perfectly suited to the crazed energy that ran throughout the evening. The fun didn’t stop there as the moe. followed the percussionist “Tubing The River Styx” all the way down to a fiery take on “The Pit.” A fairly standard but always fun “It” followed before giving way to a more expansive minded take on “Waiting For The Punchline” that had the crowd dancing from front to back.All good things must come to an end, but that didn’t mean moe. planned on going gently to that good night. A twenty two minute “Haze>Wicked Awesome” featured one of the better exploratory segues of the evening, with the band again enjoying and employing their wonderful sonic union to get from point “A” to point “B” in a fresh and funky way. Ending things with a “Recreational Chemistry” that stands squarely among the best in recent memories that band left the stage to shouts of thanks, song requests and desperate pleas for more.Check out the madness of the 22 Minute “Haze>Wicked Awesome” from the many cameras of our own Rex Thomson Below: Load remaining imageslast_img