August 2, 2021
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first_imgCasablanca – The Court of Appeals of Casablanca has recently sentenced to death a murderer known as Mediouna’s serial killer. Some of his victims were his relatives, who he killed in order to acquire their possessions.The Court of Appeals of Casablanca sentenced serial killer, Abdelaziz Tijari, to death on Wednesday, according to Assabah and Al Ahdath  Al MaghribiyaAl Ahdath Al Maghribiya recalled how Tijari’s murders were discovered by chance, after he had been apprehended for a fraud case. Police interrogations subsequently revealed that Tijari was behind the murder of his cousin and neighbor. Their bodies were found in June 2009, at the bottom of a pit located in a café owned by the suspect. Tijari would also be behind the disappearance of three others including his uncle, who died in 1989, according to the same source.Yet, the crimes Tijari committed against his relatives were only the visible part of the iceberg, according to Al Ahdath Al Maghribiya. The suspect’s list of victims goes well beyond that.Assabah, on the other hand, explains that Tijari murdered his cousin after he threatened to divulge the truth about Tijari’s crimes. Tijari subsequently stitched a devilish plan to get his hands on his cousin’s house.The killer sent a letter to his cousin’s wife, in which he informed her, using the name of his victim, that he had left the country and that she needed to complete a transaction on his behalf about the house he obtained. To his dismay, Tijari made a spelling mistake when writing the name of the victim’s wife.This spelling mistake, along with the abrupt disappearance of the victim, stirred his wife’s suspicion about Tijari. She then informed the police of her suspicions, who subsequently apprehended the suspect. According to the same source, it took some time before Tijari admitted to his heinous crimes.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img