August 2, 2021
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Rabat – New evidence revealed by a British newspaper suggests that Morocco had won the 2010 World Cup vote in May 2004, but FIFA decided to award it to South Africa.According to the Daily Telegraph, FIFA and Sepp Blatter were handed tapes in 2010 revealing that, unlike the official result of the vote announced by FIFA in May 2004, Morocco had actually won the vote. The official result of the vote was 10 for Morocco and 14 for South Africa.According to the same source, the information was obtained as part of an undercover investigation conducted by the Sunday Times in 2010, and handed over to FIFA to investigate it. The tapes contain conversations with Ismael Bhamjee, a former FIFA executive member, who resigned from the world football governing body in 2006 over a ticket selling scandal. Ismael was among the FIFA members who voted for Morocco’s bid.But FIFA had no interest in revealing the corruption scheme that surrounded the 2010 World Cup vote and deprived Morocco of its right to host the flagship tournament.These new allegations support the claims made by Saad Kettani, the president of the Organizing Committee for Morocco’s bid for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, earlier this week.In an interview with Moroccan French language website Medias24, he suggested that 2010 World Cup vote was marred by corruption and questionable practices.“Our file was impeccable and clean. Corrupt practices in the ranks of FIFA were known. The day we got the result we realized what had happened, but we played fair. It’s unfortunate, but it’s like that.”