January 23, 2020
  • 4:35 pm WADA to probe new doping reports
  • 1:45 pm Bolt waves off Gatlin threat
  • 1:39 pm Warriors set record for assists in big NBA win
  • 1:36 pm No position on bleaching – ISSA
  • 1:34 pm ‘Hitman’ set for tough test

A disturbing discovery of more than 100 rusting nails on the beach at Port Dover has the OPP searching for the person who they believe deliberately put them there.Imagine walking bare foot, with your young children playing in the sand never expecting to stumble across 100 rusting nails.A close call for Chantel Miller’s son who was playing in the area along with a beach full of children.“I don’t understand why anyone would dare to do something like that”.At this point in the investigation police believe the nails were put on the beach Sunday night or early Monday morning.“Right now we are trying to determine that but there’s really no other means of discarding nails along the beach”.According to Miller, parents began pulling their kids from the water to head home. The OPP say there has been a sweep of the beach but they are reminding families to stay cautious.“Make sure you put your safety as a priority make sure that if you have young kids to let them know that there may be items in the sand that might cut them or injure them”.People enjoying the beach at Port Dover were disturbed by the news. While Miller is glad her son and other children playing on the beach that day are safe, she says they won’t be heading back to the beach anytime soon.The OPP are asking anyone who may know something about this case to give them a call. They are treating it as a mischief investigation and they hope to find the person responsible.